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About Us

At Catherwood we pride ourselves on being a professional building materials distributor. We supply the Construcion Industry wth a wide range of products from the foundation to the roof of the project.

A hand picked team with nearly 100 years experience of building materials carry on a family tradition of over 100 years in the building Industry .

Just some of the Manufacturers we deal with are included here so please ask if you cannot find what you are looking for.




Damp-proofing & Ventilation

We stock a large range of cavity trays, airbricks, liners, soffit vents, damp proof membranes, insect mesh, self-adhesive membranes. Our suppliers are manufacturers such as Cavity Trays, Manthorpe, Redland, Visqueen, Glidevale, Timloc, Rytons along with many more.

Brickwork Sundries

We stock a range of weep vents, wallties, windposts, DPC’s , expansion joint fillers and movement ties. All you may need for installing brickwork.



We are the largest stockist of steel and concrete lintels in Scotland. Substantial Stocks of lintels from Catnic, IG , Keystone and Birtley along with concrete lintels from Robeslee enable us to respond to delivery requirements quickly. We arrange schedules, plot lot and deliver your lintels from your preferred manufacturer.

Gas Membranes

We are a Visqueen Stockist Centre and as such carry the largest range at the most competitive prices. Visqueen Gas Membranes offer a range of solutions to protect buildings from the ingression of harmful ground gases such as radon , carbon dioxide, methane and hydrocarbons.

Roof Windows

We are stockists of both Velux and Keylite Roof Windows. Already supplying many of the national house builders we are fully conversant with the window ranges of these two manufacturers and offer competitive prices.


General Materials

Although we specialise in supply to the larger house builders and contractors we stock all the usual materials associated with a builders merchant. There are many products that do not easily fit into the other categories. Examples include Loft Hatches, Mortar Tubs, Bricks Blocks, Concrete Steps.


Our services include prompt delivery, delivery in plot lots , material take off and scheduling as well as product sourcing. In fact many Customers call us to tap into our knowledge base even if they do not end up buying the materials from us.



Here are just some of the suppliers we deal with:

birtleycatniccavity trayscemexglidevaleig lintelskeylite roof windowskeystone lintelsrobeslee concreterockwooltimlocveluxvisqueenvista engineering